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sibila processo processos historicos analogica van dyke brown marmore artista visual fotografo retrato argentique marbre portrait  arts visuels photographe photographie  visual arts photography photo photographer

     Suddenly, as if a medical fate had operated on me from an old blindness with great sudden, ergo results of my anonymous life, for the clear knowledge of how I exist. And I see that all that I have done, all that I have thought, all that I have been, is a kind of deception and madness. I marvel at what I managed not to see. Strange as I was and I see that I am not after all.

Fernando Pessoa


sibyls were roman oracles allegedly alive since the beginning of time. for all this knowledge, they could foresee what was coming ahead from previous social experiences. the women portrayed are local farmers from the brazilian savannah and their faces are changed by the weight of time. the pictures were taken between 2016-2010.

originals: van dyke brown on marble.  
Size: 20 x 30 x 03 cm 


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